The Innate In You

People ask me all the time: how did you choose the name of your business and what does it mean?  The Innate In You was formed late 2006, at the time I was working for a Chiropractor and we would always talk about the bodies innate ability to heal itself.  This meant that your body has this ability to know what needs healing and how to heal it.  When you get a cut, you do not have to tell your brain to signal the cells to the area of your body that is injured in order to form a scab, your body does this innately!  When you have an infection in your body, you do not have to tell it to raise the temperature to give you a fever in order to kill the infection, your body does this innately.

I loved this idea and concept so I decided to incorporate it into my business.  I wanted a name that stood for people taking control of their own life, stepping into their own power, creating the destiny that they want and healing their body from within!  The Innate In You is all of those things, we provide you with the educational resources and body work in order for you to do this a little easier.

People are always trying to give me the credit for their healing, but it is happening innately within their own bodies.  You are your own healer.  We just hold a space for you (energetically) to step into that healing place with no judgment, we hold your hand while working through certain fears, we ask the body to move the way it wants to..  Whatever you are going through, it is all about you and we are just helpers along your journey and you are the healer!!

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